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The-Environment.net is proud to announce the first in a line of earth-friendly products for the home from BioShield. BioShield products are made from mostly naturally derived and renewable raw materials including citrus peel oils, essential oils, seed oils, tree resins, tree and bee waxes, and lead-free dryers. We want to offer some of the purest solutions for healthy living

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Natural Floor Maintenance Products
All our formulas are designed to have minimum impact on our air and waterway. BioShield cleaners are gentle to the user and the environment.
Floor Soap — Use for the gentle cleaning of waxed and oiled floors. BioShield floor soap cleans and protects interior floors made of wood, stone, cork, and linoleum. Made from a mixture of precious plant soaps from soy and palm oil. Also contains fats for revival and resins for additional protection. Ingredients: Soap derived from plant oils, water, linseed oil, wood oil, resins, orange terpenes, and balsamic turpentine. Use this soap in combination with BioShield Floor Milk as an aftertreatment.

1 liter (33.80 fl.oz.)

Item #M58 — $8.00

Member price $7.20

Floor Milk for the regular, protective maintenance of waxed and sealed floors made of wood, stone, cork, or linoleum. BioShield Floor Milk is made from an emulsion of Carnauba-wax and coconut soap. It cleans, protects, and builds a breathable, water-resistant film of natural wax. Just add Floor Milk to warm water and clean surface with a moistened mop. Surfaces should be buffed after application. Ingredients: Carnauba wax, water, coconut soap.

1 liter (33.80 fl. oz.)

Item #M59 — $8.00

Member price $7.20

Laundry Soaps
Compact Laundry Soap Get more wash power through higher percentage of active ingredients (pure vegetable-based soap). The total wash power of our Compact Laundry Soap is one-third more than some conventional laundry soaps. This equals savings through fewer materials, transport, and packaging.

2 kg (4.4 lbs)

Item #M60 — $12.00

Member price $10.80

Liquid Laundry Soap Laundry liquids are very popular today, especially for washing in cold water, and for short wash cycles. They dissolve and mix faster with water. Made from certified organic vegetable soaps, ethanol, citrates, and essential oils.

2 liter (68 fl. oz.)

Item #M61 — $12.00

Member price $10.80

5 liter (1.25 gal.)

Item #M62 — $25.00

Member price $22.50

Household Products

Where most companies offer synthetic detergents plus environmental buzzwords, BioShield cleaners offer honest, biodegradable soap-based cleaners made from renewable resources.

Wherever available, the soap products are made from certified organic oils derived from coconut, palm and sunflower oils. All soap processing is done in non-mass-manufacturing workshops.

BioShield Dishwash Liquid includes only vegetable- based cleaning agents — gentle to the skin and to the environment. The liquid has no preservatives. Use sparingly. One liter is good for approximately 600 gallons of water. Quickly biodegradable and safe for septic tanks.

1 liter (34 fl. oz.)

Item #M70 — $6.00

Member price $5.40

Toilet Bowl Cleaner — Contains no phosphates, petroleum derivatives, bleach, dye, synthetic fragrance or preservatives. Effective toilet bowl cleaner made with citric acid, plant alcohol (ethanol), sugar-based cleaning agents, sodium chloride, essential oils, and water. Will remove tough stains and delivers hygienic freshness. Quickly biodegradable and safe for septic tanks.

0.75 Liter (25.5 fl. oz.)

Item #M75 — $6.00

Member price $5.40

Vinegar Cleaner — This product is great to clean refrigerators, and other appliances, kitchen sinks, stoves, tiles, bathrooms, and more. Removes calcium, waterspots and soap, and other residues. Made from organic vinegar, citric acid, sugar-based cleaning agents, citric acid, and water. Quickly biodegradable and safe for septic tanks.

1 liter (34 fl. oz.)

Item #M76 — $6.00

Member price $5.40

Glass Cleaner — This product makes all glass surfaces clean and shiny. Use on windows, mirrors, windshields, and tiles. Spray on - wipe off for a streak-free shine.
Made from all natural plant alcohol (ethanol), sugar-based cleaning agents, and water. A small amount yields excellent cleaning strength.

0.50 liter (17 fl. oz.)

Item #M74 — $5.00

Member price $4.50

Dishwasher Concentrate — Chlorine and phosphates in conventional dishwashers are hazardous to the environment. Without sacrificing a bit of cleaning power, BioShield eliminates phosphates and chlorine in your dishwashing. Contains sodium percarbonate, silicates, and sodium citrates. Quickly biodegradable and safe for septic tanks.

1 kilo (2.2 lbs.)

Item #M71 — $8.00

Member price $7.20

Clear Rinse — A clear rinse for dishwashers that helps prevent foggy buildup on dishes, especially glassware. BioShield Clear Rinse is made from a solution of citric acid, alcohol (Ethanol), and essential oils. Quickly biodegradable and safe for septic tanks.

500 ml (17 fl. oz.)

Item #M72 — $6.00

Member price $5.40

Soap Cleaner — Ideal for cleaning floors and other surfaces around the house. Made from certified organically derived vegetable soap, potassium, alcohol (Ethanol), glycerin, citric acid salts, and essential oils. A small amount yields excellent cleaning strength. One liter suds 50 gallons of water. Quickly biodegradable and safe for septic tanks.

1 liter (34 fl. oz.)

Item #M73 — $6.00

Member price $5.40


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